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Terror Tour

There is no better way to enjoy Halloween festivities than a Terror Tour with Superior Limousines! Choose your favorite restaurant for a delicious dinner, then it's off to experience one of the many great haunted Halloween attractions in the area. Arrive in style in a luxurious limousine decorated with a touch a seasonal flair. Keep the VIP treatment going by purchasing speed passes at your desired attraction, then finish off the night with drinks and snacks at your favorite bar or restaurant, or even a night out downtown. See below for popular Halloween Attractions the the area. Get ready for a night of fright and fun and book your Terror Tour with Superior Limousines today!


















You can adjust your experience how ever you would like. Make sure to include a stop for dinner and drinks, or visit multiple attractions in one night. Contact us for help planning your tour today!


Note: Price will reflect the cost of transportation only. You are responsible for purchasing the attraction tickets. Superior Limousines strongly recommendeds purchasing speed tickets to enchace your experience.

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